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Horse Doctor : The Reminiscences of Dr. W. J. Stinson
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Patton, Jr. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. This book contains the reminiscences of a Confederate soldier who enlisted in Company C of This book contains the reminiscences of a Confederate soldier who enlisted in Company C of the 18th Mississippi at the tender age of sixteen years and fought in nearly every major battle of the War Between the States.

His recollection View Product. A departure from his usual fare of military and history books, Mr. Province delves into his past with stories that recall his years growing up in Province delves further into his past with stories that recall his years in a small mining town and on his Adventures of The Flat River Kid. Adventures of The Flat River Kid is the complete anthology of stories from the series Province recalls his years in a small mining town and on his Grandpa's farm and expands to the time when Bind Metatron's Army, Book 9.

He said he would want me to open a clinic and he would run it for me. I was taken aback. I was a consultant, so I was surprised that he had that audacity. I said I was not ready to go into private practice yet. He told them that he was going to work for them temporarily because Dr. Samaila was going to put up his own clinic and he would go and work there. They said they wanted somebody who was ready to stay, so he came back and told me. De pressurized me, and somehow we started looking for a place.

That was how I started private practice. I was still in ABU so it had to be in the city. You retired from the public sector before setting up your own clinic. Now, there is this practice where doctors in public hospitals also run private clinics. What can you say about that? When things happen, it is good to find out the causes. On why people are combining private practice with government jobs, it might be that they are not getting satisfaction where they work, either in terms of equipment or salaries.

Are their salaries good enough for them? Instead of stealing they would decide to use their skills. So the important thing should be control. I am sure there are a lot of doctors who do their work well, and when it is their free time they go to their private clinics. They do a lot of service outside, and you know that statistics-wise, there is more health care delivery service in private practice than in government.

I used to know the percentage in this state. We have rules, like everything else in Nigeria; it is controlled. How do you feel when you hear that medical doctors are on strike? These are people who are supposed to save lives. It is not a good idea for doctors to be out of work completely.

But even in developed countries, doctors go on strike. However, when they do, there are people who run emergency centres and other highly critical areas. Strikes are not the best; leaving patients to suffer is not the best. During our time, when we were younger doctors, you never had a shutdown of the hospital. House officers and corps members cannot go on strike. And usually, consultants do not go on strike. So you still have people who look after emergencies. The government should learn to listen to people and dialogue with them.

Is this peculiar to medical people? I think the standard of doing anything anywhere has changed. The way my dad worked with the government is not the way it is now. I remember he worked beyond official hours. He would bring files home and work. So this is a general issue in the society.

It is a societal thing that is affecting all facets. This needs to be addressed in a more holistic way.

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Yes, doctors now are not the same as they were, just like teachers. When I was young we never had extra lessons with our teachers. You would go to school and leave at the appropriate time, then come home and play all day. Yes, the standard is not the same. If asked to offer a piece of advice on the practice in which accident or robbery victims are taken to the hospital and doctors insist on police report, what would it be?

I think the primary aim of a doctor is to save lives. Doctors are supposed to give first aid to any person they meet anywhere, not only if they come to your hospital but even if you meet them on the street. As I said, we have to look at things in a holistic way. Many doctors have gone into trouble handling accident or robbery cases.

They do it in good faith, but they get into trouble. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Reminiscences of a Doctor Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

Horse Doctor : The Reminiscences of Dr. Lauriston Winterbotham. Boisragon, , was a physician who practised in Cheltenham in the palmy days of the nineteenth century. He lived in the Royal Crescent, No. He was on the staff of the Dispensary, attending two mornings a week. There was a plaster bust of him in the Cheltenham General Hospital 40 years ago, but it has now disappeared. This diary or journal is generally only a daily record of his patients and amount of his fees, but here and there are a few interesting remarks, on local events.

A'BK, iuiiTTf! Luff to see Lord Somers at Eastnor Castle. Breakfasted at Tewkesbury, took an open carriage to Eastnor. L left for London at 7 a. My hard fate still chains me to incessant toil, and anxiety without relaxation, or temporary enjoyment. May Heaven grant me more rest, and less privation and anxiety than I have enjoyed for the last four years. He makes practically no direct reference to the Spa, or water treatment, but mentions, as just related, that the town was full of patients, so we may infer that they came here for its very famous waters.

He mentions one patient on April 5th, , a Mr. To retail in shop - 97 1 1 4 5 5 To cash due from various houses - 19 9 5 2 Deduct total expenses - l88l 6 9 18 5 My half for three years 19 ol l 2 This fashionable Cheltenham physician rarely gives the diagnosis of the cases he mentions, but he never, or rarely, omits the amount of the fee. Hawker — in consultation with Dr. Cannon — symptoms of Brainial pressure, loss of speech, articulation better. Faulkner, the wife of the Knight of Gretton Sir Arthur, the wretch , inflammation of conjunc- tiva of both eyes.

Averill killed by a fall from his horse at half-past five this evening. Amongst the many names of his patients, one or two are of interest : the Winterbothams, residing in Oxford Street, the grandfather of the present member of the firm of Solicitors, and the founder — Lady Cromie, of Witcomb Park. He refers to one or two matters of personal and general interest, he evidently tried to manage running the house- keeping, but with such indifferent success that he turned it over to his wife again. The new church of St. He and his family were evidently musical people and one of his sons, Conrad, went to Italy to be trained as a public singer.

His other son, Theodore, became a medical student at Edinburgh, October 25th, I believe this one, mentioned by Boisragon, was the first, the second one was on Cleeve Hill, the third, when I was a boy, was one next to the new Cemetery, which had a wooden grandstand, which was borrowed annually for the Cheltenham College Sports and erected with its back to the old Chapel, now the Library, and facing the length of the field to College Lawn.

Griffiths, of Marie Hill House, broke his leg. Illuminations here universal. Abbott, C. Harley House, Cambray Abel, G. Physician 3, Lansdown Crescent Acworth, E. Warwick House Aitkens, L. Clarence Villa Alder, T. Sudeley Place Allardyce, I. Physician 31, Cambray Arnott, G. Manchester Walk Bagnall, G. Hewlett Street Beach, H. Manchester Walk Beattie, A. Physician 11, Crescent ll Boisragon, T.

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Educated at Edinburgh Bolery, T. Northfield Cottage Braine-Hartnell, C. Died a young man Broom, C. Surgeon Eye Hospital, old one Buckell, W. Dispensary Calver, H. Cambray Street Clifford, H. Pemberton House Coley, R. Cambray House 17, Cambray Colledge, T. Lauriston House Connyn, J.

Castleton House i8 37 -i 8 3 9 Cook, F. Huntley Lodge Crofton, W. Hasley House Dalton, W. Gordon Cottage Davies, S.

Horse Doctor : The Reminiscences of Dr. W. J. Stinson

Alwington Villa Drayton, G. Alconbury Earle, J. Physician- B. Duke of Sussex Ferguson, G. Gabb George, F. Priory House Gibney, W. Woodland Cottage Greene, H. Egerton, Andover Terrace Guinness, A. Branch Dispensary Howard, E. Italia, Leckhampton Road Humphreys, J.

Belle Vue Place Hunt, W. I Jenner Physician. I87O 49 Johns, J. Cocks i, St. Branch Dispensary Ker, C. Wentworth Lodge Kirkland, R. Fir Cottage Mallam, R. Pittville Terrace Newell, Thos. Sherborne Place Newton, C. Sherborne Lodge i Phipps, J. Sussex House i Powell, W. Beaufort House! Ashling Villa i Schroeter, G.

Vittoria House Sheldon, W. Portland House Son of T. Portland House Smith, W. Sheriff City of London, Speer, S. Albion House Thomas, J. South Cambray House Thompson, C. Glengyle Trevithick, E. Minster House Walker, J.

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Oriel Lodge Wells, W. Frankfort Lodge Whitmore, W. Hayes Lodge Willis, J. The Priory Winterbotham, L.

Warwick House Wolseley, R. Cambray Wright, T. Nuneham House and St. Wyatt, J. Agg-Gardner, Sir James T. Ashburner, Lieut. Austin, Roland, Esq. Alcock, Arnold, Esq. Anderson, F. Bartleet, Rev. Canon F. Beaumont, Miss A. Billings, Mrs. Grace Stewart, M. Burrow, Ed. Bower, E. Dykes, Esq. Braine-Hartnell, J. Bouth, Rev. Bower, John Alex. Barrett, W. Brown, Alfred, Esq. Beechy, Mrs. Baylis, E.

Reminiscences Of A Country Doctor's Wife

Collins, J. Rupert, Esq. Dublin, M. Cuthbert, F. Cook, Mrs. Clarke, Miss, 21, Royal Parade, Cheltenham. Chapman, Mrs. Cardew, Mrs. Clow, David, Esq.

Colledge, L. Carr-Calthrop, Mrs. Deane, Mrs. Dent, Ernest Albert, Esq. Dickson, Wm. Arnott, Esq. Davies, Richard, Esq. Darby, Miss, 12, Lansdown Parade, Cheltenham. Ferguson, Mrs. Forster, A. Gooding, Miss A. Garrett, J. Grosvenor, W. Howell, J. Hebblethwaite, S. Hailing, Mr, T. Hooper, Mrs.

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Further reminiscences of the late Dr Sloothery

Halliwell, John, Esq. Harrison, Sydney, Esq. Hughes, Mrs. Holmes, Thos. Hutton, Wm. Inglis, Mrs. Johns, J. Knox, H. Kilgour, H. Kenny-Herbert, Miss A. Kirkland, Robert, Esq. Ker, Claude B. Lloyd, H. Leslie, Mrs. Lane, Miss, Malvern. Lyons, R. Lansdown, Chas. Ewbank, Esq. Longridge, C. Nepean, Esq. Meyrick-Jones, H. Moore, Reginald Devereux, Esq. Melling, Miss, U.

Martin, J. Medical Library, Cheltenham. Macfie, R. Mitchell, A. Marshall, Howard, Esq. McAldowie, A. Macgowan, Mrs. Masters, Mrs. Erme, Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham. Powell, Hugh F. Protheroe, Mrs. Blanche A. Peake, Lieut-Colonel G. Arthur, Alma House, Cheltenham. Parkinson, Miss F. Palmer, Frank T.