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Episodes season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Accolades Soundtrack Vol. Episodes season 1 2 3 4 5. Torn Apart Cold Storage. Flight The Walking Dead: The Ride. Comic book series. The Walking Dead episodes. Hidden categories: Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia Pages using the Graph extension. Namespaces Article Talk.

Twice Dead

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. List of The Walking Dead episodes. Ernest Dickerson.

Eight months after abandoning Hershel's farmstead, and Lori at the end of her pregnancy, Rick leads the group into securing a prison presently overrun with walkers. While clearing out the cells, Hershel is bitten on the foot by a walker, and they are forced to amputate it to save his life, discovering that five surviving prisoners are present.

Meanwhile, Michonne watches over an ailing Andrea. Billy Gierhart. No explanation is given as to why Tyler is a ghost, don't people commit suicide all the time? Do they all come back as vengeful spirits? I don't think so. There is even a nice little car chase in here as well. Now, one thing I have to mention is the boom mike. I have never seen a film where the boom mike is in shot as many times as it is in Twice Dead, I was thinking that it should get some sort of recognition in the credits as it has more screen time in the film than some of the character's!

I counted at least six times when it was painfully visible, all in wide shots. Other than that Twice Dead is generally well made with decent production values. The acting was OK as well. Twice Dead was a bit of a pleasant surprise as I didn't think I would but I liked it. If your a fan of these types of low budget horror films then you could do a hell of a lot worse than this, personally I think it's well worth checking out if you lay your hands on a copy.

Skutter-2 5 February An average 80's horror vehicle, with the protagonists use of movie SFX gadgetry and makeup presumably its hook. There isn't a whole lot else that stands out about Twice Dead beyond this gimmick. The scenes that do involve the protagonists using movie props and makeup effects to play a trick on the gang that has been harassing them are kind of dumb. The extended sequence in the middle of the movie where brother and sister are able to fool an entire gang of scum into thinking they have each been attacked by ghosts and killed off one by one via supernatural means is ludicrous to say the least.

Naturally the different members of the gang all act exactly as they are intended to, splitting off at the right times for each trick to work and the SFX used are perfectly convincing to the naked eye. Enough so that each different gang member is convinced they have seen something supernatural or one of their friends killed or dead- all from a bit of fake blood, monster props, gadgets and wires etc. Our protagonists also have access to quick acting, side effectless, movie chloroform.

Yes, it's like something from an episode of Scooby-Doo but live action and even dumber for it. As a whole the movie doesn't work and the story and tone are all over the place. A back-story is provided to explain the ghostly goings on but it just makes everything seem far more inconsistent. A link is developed later on in the movie between one of the gang members and the story of the house but it comes out of nowhere and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

The gang that menaces the family throughout the film is so overt and public in their unlawful, and eventually murderous, behaviour that it is unbelievable that they haven't been arrested and makes the police's inability to help the Cates family when come to them for help for reasons of lack of evidence ludicrous indeed. This is one of those movies where the police have to be non-existent or unbelievably ineffectual for the plot to happen. The Cates family's behaviour is also nonsensical.

The parents go off on a trip for a week or two leaving behind their two teenage children in the house alone whilst the family is being menaced by a violent gang. The tone of the movie is somewhat inconsistent also. At times the movie seems almost light hearted and goofy- the whole faked death by ghost sequence and at others times like a standard 80's slasher movie with over the top deaths, gratuitous nudity and at times serious- threatened rape and that sort of thing.

The dialogue, acting, gore etc, are all pretty mediocre. Only a couple of things stood out for me in Twice Dead. Jill Whitlow who plays the sister is certifiably gorgeous and made watching the film a less tedious experience than it would otherwise be.

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Once Bitten Audiobook | Kalayna Price |

The other thing is how frequently the boom mike appears in shot, at least in the VHS version I watched. It appears so often it should have got billing It has more personality than a lot of the other characters and its appearance would make for a good basis for a drinking game, which could only make for a more enjoyable experience watching the movie. A preppy brother and sister very stupidly play a prank on a gang of heavies who have been making their life hell. Obviously they didn't take the gang seriously because of their Kajagoogoo hairdos.

What they forgot was that this is the eighties, and even violent sadists had silly hair. Naturally, the gang seek their revenge. The leader Silk wants to maim Preppy Boy, and the tough but attractive Crip wants to have his way with the sister. They're aided by a the obese Melvin, who's literally attached to his motorbike, and the stereotypical sex-crazed Latino. The only person on the goody-goodies' side is the bloke who played Willis In Different Strokes.

They don't have a chance. HumanoidOfFlesh 12 January The Cates family from Colorado moves into broken down Beverly Hills mansion. They discover not only does a gang of malicious punks hang out there,but so does the angry spirit of a deceased actor Tyler Walker who is not pleased some rebellious teens have taken over his property. It mixes light-hearted humour with gore and supernatural stuff. All characters in "Twice Dead" are stereotypes and the dialogue is often hilarious.

As with most films in this genre there are a lot of plot holes and lack of logic or consistency,but the death scenes are quite cool. Even motorcycle is used as a murder weapon. Flat and boring Wizard-8 10 September Even though this movie was made back in , when there was still some room for B movies to play in theaters, I am really surprised this was deemed to be worthy of a theatrical release.

I am equally surprised that more than 20 years later, this movie was deemed worthy of a release on DVD. Actually, the DVD pairs this with another haunted house movie, maybe because the DVD company thought no one would buy this movie on its own. It's a really dull affair, with scene after scene going by with not only no shocks, but few attempts at giving the audience some horror. Of the cast, Todd Bridges possibly gives the best performance, but his role has such little impact it could have been easily written out without harming the rest of the screenplay.

The last fifteen minutes of the movie, when the ghost starts knocking off the punks that have taken over the house, does have a little interest, but it's too little, too late. Definitely not worth seeking out, unless you participated in the making of the movie and you happen to want to be embarrassed. Woodyanders 21 October A family moves into a rundown mansion located in a dangerous urban neighborhood. Teenage son Scott a solid and likable performance by Tom Bresnahan and his spunky sister Robin a winningly perky portrayal by the adorable Jill Whitlow of "Night of the Creeps" fame are terrorized by a nasty gang of no-count street punks.

Fortunately, the ghost of a famous Hollywood actor who hung himself in the house back in the 30's materializes so he can help Scott and Robin bump off said nasty punks. The whole thing concludes with an inevitable last reel massacre, with the gloriously absurd, yet grisly highlights being a fat jerk getting killed by his own motorcycle and a libidinous couple getting electrocuted while in the middle of doing just what you think.

The cast struggle gamely with the patently inane material: Breznahan and Whitlow make for appealing leads, Sam Melville and Brooke Bundy do credible work as the parents, Christopher Burgard sneers it up with aplomb as mean gang leader Silk, Jonathan Chapin is suitably creepy as vicious gang member Crip, and Todd Bridges contributes an appealing turn as nice guy Pete. Busty brunette knockout Charlie Spradling pops her top and bares her beautifully bountiful breasts as horny moll Tina. Zoran Hockstatter's reasonably polished cinematography and David Bergaurd's generic ooga-booga shivery score both do the trick.

A perfectly mindless diversion. Great Horror flick, but confusing tvnutt 25 August You have to like a movie that has a good plot, this is one of them but very confusing. Not bad considering it was one of many 's, direct-to-video, shown late at night on Cinemax, horror flicks.

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It starts out in the early 's and actor Tyler Walker dancing with a woman who is stiff as a board, then three men one in a fur coat come by to get Tyler out of his home. THe next thing you see is Tyler stabbing his dance partner that turns out to be a mannequin, then he hangs himself. Fast Forward to the present where a family of four moves into the house.

Turns out the fur-coat guy became the new owner of the home that fateful night, then turned it into a funeral parlor and it was then left to a relative and his family. The family is forced to move in after going bankrupt in Colorado. But upon arrival they're greeted by a gang who use the place as a hangout. One gang member "Crypt" seems to act very weird, talking in a slow, low voice and pre-occupied with the family daughter Robin.

Of course, the usual ensues where the son Scott hears bumps in the night, then the family is tormented by the bikers, Robin and Scott get back at them, then the gang returns to get revenge. All comes to a very quick conclusion, with the help of Tyler's ghost, who can be seen in the mirror. The ghost helps kill the bikers except for one, who re-creates Tyler's fateful night back in the 30's with Robin. In the end, instead of Tyler's ghost in the mirror, it's Crypt since he hung himself too. They had a love child, Tyler left the home to Myrna but she ended up marrying the fur coat guy who is the family's great uncle.

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Myrna bares a striking resemblance to her niece, Robin. Now for the confusing parts: 1 We see Tyler in the beginning, dancing with a real woman then in the next shot it's a mannequin. Are we getting a peek into his depravity or is it all part of a hoax on the filmmaker's to make us think we see a woman?

If the later, then why? Then it's only when the biker's grab Robin that Tyler shakes the bed to wake Scott up. Why did Tyler go from scaring the brother to helping him? It's obviously because Robin reminds Tyler of his former love, but why go through that one scene of scaring the son, to me it was unnecessary to the plot. Who left the house to the family? Fur coat guy or Myrna? Maybe she signed it over to her husband? Why the stabbing set up?

Is it to show that he was so angry with her new marriage that he acted out his anger on a dummy but never hurt her? That's fine, but why show him in Robin's mirror with a knife if he wants to protect her? You know me. Reading anything horror-related rarely happens, although I do have my weird moods once in a while. So when I saw this is a YA fantasy, I was even more intrigued.

No to horror, yes to necromancy and then a young adult to top it off? Curiosity peaked! But how did it go? There are two things that went well.

Kicking It (Alex Craft, #2.5; Chicagoland Vampires, #8.25)

First off, I liked our main character , Naya. Somehow, I also loved the uniqueness of her name and that helped things? I think? She obviously struggles a lot with the things that happened to her at the start of the book and that made her feel human — which was.. Connected to that, I also liked how her friendship with Corten evolved. Not exactly slow-burn either, though. It was just right! The second thing I liked, was the writing style. Twice Dead was a pretty fast read with a good pace.

Not too slow, not too fast. Just right! What happened to the plot?! I felt like, at times, it was all over the place.